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What If Government Could Just Spend, No Strings?

Ben Traynor

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Posted 12th February 2016.

The public sector could take over more of the banks’ private sector money creation, making this more politicised. We’d also see a big return to lobbying.

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Gideon The Magnificent And The Disappearing Deficit Act

Pieter Cranenbroek

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Posted 11th February 2016.

The Conservatives made a lot of promises about the economy to secure their victory. Will they be able to keep them now that the markets are in turmoil?

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Are You Ready For A “Crack-Up Boom”?

Bill Bonner

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Posted 11th February 2016.

Janet Yellen made soothing remarks about a “gradual” return to normal interest rates. But returning to normal is not on the Fed’s agenda.

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Money Creation Will Be Nationalised

Ben Traynor

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Posted 11th February 2016.

This morning I found myself thinking about how money is created, and why that could lead to us seeing More Government in the years ahead.

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 7, 2013: Visitor looks at the painting Soft Construction with Boiled Beans or Premonition of Civil War (1936) by Salvador Dali at his retrospective exhibition in Paris, France.
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Agricultural panorama of wheat and corn fields with dividing dirt road executed on Titel Hill. Titel Hill is a loess hillock situated in the Vojvodina province Serbia and it is used only and exclusively for agricultural purposes.
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MANCHESTER, NH  JAN 8: Senator Hillary Clinton  with text "time to pick a president" campaigning to become the Democratic presidential candidate on January 8, 2008, in Manchester, New Hampshire.
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BRISTOL TN - MAR 20: Colin Braun Steve Wallace and Brian Scott tangle up in turn 2 during the Scotts Turf Builder 300 race at the Bristol Motor Speedway on Mar 20 2010 in Bristol TN.
FRANKFURT GERMANY - SEP 30: Skyline with the 155 meter high twin towers Deutsche Bank I and II on Sep 30 2011 in Frankfurt.
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HONG KONG - FEBRUARY 13,2015: crowded Apple store in Hong Kong. Apple's flagship stores in China are packed with people who often line up to grab on one of the company's latest gadgets
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