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The Big Drop

Macro studio shot of English Twenty and Fifty pound notes arranged in a spiral display based on their monetary value

Why Brexit Could Boost Sterling

David Stevenson

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Posted November 26, 2015.

What would happen to the pound in the event of a Brexit? In the foreign exchange market, there’s always a winner. In a Brexit, that could be sterling.

Spending Review

What Did We Really Learn From The Spending Review?

Glenn Fisher

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Posted November 26, 2015.

So what did we learn from Ozzy’s spending review?

50 pound sterling bank notes closeup view business background

Brexit: Will We See A Rush Against The Pound?

Pieter Cranenbroek

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Posted November 25, 2015.

With all the uncertainty created by the EU referendum, many people suggest we will see selling pressure on the pound. Will the vote be a sword of Damocles?

Swiss francs macro paper banknotes

Important Level Breached In The Currency War

Frank Hemsley

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Posted November 25, 2015.

Can you still remember what happened on 15th January this year? 15.01.15 was the day the Swiss National Bank abandoned its cap on the franc.

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Deserted port terminal in a harbour for loading and offloading cargo ships and freight with rows of large industrial cranes to lift goods off the decks and from the holds
MAIDSTONE KENT, UK - 1 JULY 2015: Operation Stack is in place on the M20 on the hottest day of the year due to the Port of Calais being closed because of industrial action launched by French ferry workers.
Open bible with rosary beads on wooden table
Financial investment risks reflected in dice next to dollar euro and yuan money on gray and blue hued background. Three currencies build concept of global marketplace and shared gambles.
Concept sign for closed borders and border controls in the European Union to interrupt the flood of refugees
GERMANY - MAY 7: the german stock exchange market with its index DAX performed to a new alltime high record with 8173 points at May 7 2013 in Germany
Military Dog Tags on American Flag and fatigues