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Alan Turing

One Of Britain’s Greatest Ever Minds

Glenn Fisher

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Posted 21st July 2016.

So there you are… You’ve already figured out how to neutralise one of the Nazi’s greatest weapons, thus knocking an estimated four years off the Second World War.

Money american hundred dollar bills. time is money concept. Time is money clocks under american dollars

Here’s The Real Reason The “Rich Get Richer”

Bill Bonner

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Posted 20th July 2016.

The phony dollar has misled an entire generation into spending money it didn’t really have. Meanwhile the richest 1% increased its share of wealth to 40%.

British money pound coins balanced in a precarious stack on a background of more money.

How I Predicted The Aftermath Of Brexit Months Before It Happened

Tom Tragett

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Posted 20th July 2016.

Back in 2014 I was looking intensely at various charts of the pound versus the US dollar. I was shocked by what I saw.

Gold bars with dollar banknotes on paper background

Celebrating 45 Years Of Phony Money

Bill Bonner

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Posted 19th July 2016.

World debt has climbed to $300 trillion, up from roughly $200 trillion before the 2008 financial crisis. In the world’s five major economies, it has doubled since 2002. The whole shebang depends on debt.

Beautiful Curvy roads on Old Silk Route Silk trading route between China and India Sikkim
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 9, 2015: Building construction site with cranes and industrial units  in Canary Wharf aria
Close-up view of US dollar banknotes. Shallow DOF
Financial data on a monitorStock market data on LED display concept
Gold bars on nugget grains background, close-up
Young hedgehog in natural habitat - Erinaceus europaeus
Gold bars with dollar banknotes on paper background
LONDON, UK - NOVEMBER 22, 2015: George Osborne MP attends the BBC Andrew Marr Show at the BBC broadcasting house in London
Time and Money. Gold Tone. Close up
** Note: Shallow depth of field
The Big Drop by Jim Rickards

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