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Lending Club Fiasco – The Readers Respond

Sean Keyes

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Posted 27th May 2016.

I love writing about alternative finance because I get such great emails about it. It turns out that lots of Risk and Reward subscribers are basically alternative finance experts.


Number Four: Organically Grow Your Business For Free

Glenn Fisher

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Posted 27th May 2016.

Are you up to date? We’re up to number four on the top five tools to make money online.

A skyscraper and modern buildings in the St George Wharf quarter in Vauxhall London at night with the Battersea Power Station in the background

The Tower That Symbolises Modern-Day Britain

Pieter Cranenbroek

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Posted 26th May 2016.

There’s a tower in Vauxhall overlooking London, and mocking it. St George Wharf Tower is a perfect example of how the country has been run for years.

Pile of yellow color building blocks with selective focus and highlight on one particular blue block using available light.

There’s A Turning Point For All Great Startups – Here’s How To Spot It

Sean Keyes

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Posted 26th May 2016.

Let’s simplify and say there are three types of company. Startups, growing businesses and mature businesses. Today I want to talk about investing in startups.

money exchange between two businessmen (with clipping path)
Waving white flag on black background 3d rendering
A macro close-up view of a messy scattered pile of british pound banknotes
unlock security lock on computer circuit board - computer security concept
Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning Concept
View of an American penny on a newspaper's chart.
Masks with the theatre concept
LONDON - APRIL 12: Parliament square sign in city of Westminster on April 12 2015 in London UK. It's a square at the northwest end of the Palace of Westminster in London.
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