Daily Reckoning UK

The Next World War

Jim Rickards

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Posted 20th January 2017.

A flight of Dakota (Douglas C-47) transport planes banking to starboard. (Created with minimum depth of field. Focus is on the second aircraft from the front.)
The Road to Ruin
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T-Day Minus 1

Frank Hemsley

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Posted 19th January 2017.

So another Trump bet could be on finance stocks and banks in particular going up. As we saw in that heat map recently, the finance sector in general has been on a tear since the election, as bets have been placed on these stocks benefiting under Trump.

United Kingdom and European union flags combined for Brexit - London cityscape in the background

May’s Made This Trade Look Even Better

Ben Traynor

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Posted 18th January 2017.

Investors, pundits, and the man on the Clapham omnibus have now had time to pause and reflect on May’s big Brexit speech.

King and lost pawn as concept of inequality and injustice

We Should All Be Concerned About Inequality

Pieter Cranenbroek

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Posted 18th January 2017.

Whatever your view on how unequal a society should be, the current levels of inequality in Britain are a cause for concern.

stock market quotes from a computer screen

There’s More To This Map Than Meets The Eye

Frank Hemsley

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Posted 18th January 2017.

What did you make of Jim and Tom’s idea about Article 50 and sterling? Got some legs, do you think?

Chess games UK and EU
Business chart with glowing arrows and world map
LONDON, UK, NOV 8, 2015: Philip Hammond Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs attends the Andrew Marr show at the BBC studios picture taken from the street
Gavel on top of British and European flags
Business man making trading from his office. Close up on the smart phone with trading chart
Cyber Security Internet Concept as a Background
FED - Federal Reserve System. American central bank. US Dollar texture. 3D illustration.
3D render illustration of color stock exchange market trade big data arranged in table chart screen, monitor or display with selective focus effect
United Kingdom exit from Europe relative image. Brexit named politic process. National flags on golden cog wheels. 3D rendering. Handshake metaphor. Article 50 text
Forex Currency Trading Blue Concept with American Dollars.

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