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Free houses in Sicily

A Free House In Sicily

Bill Bonner

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Posted October 6, 2015.

About a year ago, we learned that a town in Sicily was giving away houses – for free. It was a hill town, in the interior, but Sicily is a small place; it was not too far from the coast or from big cities.

Macro view of stacks and rows of gold ingots or golden bullions bars with selective focus effect

This Metal Is Heading Lower

Frank Hemsley

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Posted October 5, 2015.

Last Wednesday in Profit Watch I asked if you ever trade gold. And quite a few readers wrote in to say they do. Not everyone does. Some people don’t ‘get’ gold. It’s just a lump of metal that does nothing, pays you no dividend, even ends up costing you to hold it.

Federal Reserve Building, Washington DC, United States of America.

Is Inflation REALLY Dead?

Ben Traynor

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Posted October 5, 2015.

The policy stance among central bankers remains to fight deflation. With the forces against them showing little sign of fatigue, might policymakers decide to go all out? At the very least, further quantitative easing – and perhaps even more aggressive measures – remains on the table.

Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer On Why Apple And Amazon Shares Rocket

Glenn Fisher

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Posted October 5, 2015.

Hello from the cold, wet and windy East Coast of England. I’m sat in the empty, wallpaper-stripped living room of a new house I just bought here in New Waltham, a little village a few miles from the Humber Bank.

“When in doubt; go to Italy,” is the saying.
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