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John Redwood

John Redwood is a leading commentator on world politics and economics, writing a daily analysis on He has been the Chairman of a leading industrial group listed on the UK Stock Exchange, a Director of a merchant bank, the chairman of a motor industry component supplier and engineering group. He set up an investment management company with two colleagues which was acquired by Charles Stanley in 2013. He is currently MP for Wokingham, and has been a Minister and Shadow Cabinet Minister in past Parliaments. He has written several books. “The Global Marketplace” looked at the likely impact of new technology on international business and the growth of world brands. “Third Way, Which Way” provided a new method of analysing public and private sector activity, suggesting that it is more complex than a simple binary division. “Our Currency Our Country” made the case for the UK keeping the pound and explained why a wider Euro scheme would not work economically or politically. “After the Credit Crunch” gave views on why there was a large banking crash in the west in 2007-8 and how this could be overcome.

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