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Yet Another Assault On Cash

Ben Traynor

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Posted 26th September 2016.

Tip Jar. Cash tips in a clear plastic Tip Jar. Tips are a token of appreciation for a Job Well Done for services. Tips are well appreciated by all who get them. Cash is King.
Macro view of rows of gold bars

Why I’d Rather Invest In Real Assets

Simon Popple

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Posted 22nd September 2016.

Over many years, interest rates have been a major tool for managing the global economy. Not just ours – but every economy in the world.

group of gold coin setting in graph form and abacus with studio Lighting

Is There A BIG Move Coming In Gold?

Frank Hemsley

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Posted 21st September 2016.

Today’s a big day for gold. The Fed’s decision about whether or not it’s raising rates could catapult gold to new highs… or send it crashing lower.

Underground mine tunnel mining industry with railway.

Why Jim And I Back This Dangerous Sector

Ben Traynor

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Posted 10th August 2016.

For investors with a capacity for risk, gold miners offer the kind of potential that will move the needle on your portfolio.

Closeup of big gold nugget and scales copper
Old gold mine tunnel around Salmon Glacier, Hyder, Alaska
gold towers of coins on the paper dollars
Gold bars on nugget grains background, close-up
gold bar concept
Underground train in mine carts in gold silver and copper mine.

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