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Is The Oil Rally Over?

David Stevenson

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Posted 9th March 2017.

Stubborn Shale Oil Producers Just Won’t Die

Sean Keyes

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Posted 11th August 2016.

Saudi Arabia wants to regain control over the oil market. But the shale producers have proven difficult to kill off.

An Update On Oil – And A Different Way To Play It

Frank Hemsley

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Posted 28th July 2016.

No shock to the system from Janet Yellen yesterday then. For now, US rates stay on hold. Let’s get back to chart land and pick up on the oil story…

Britain Is On The Road To Disaster

David Stevenson

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Posted 8th July 2016.

Britain is facing a crisis bigger than anything we’ve seen before. The problems we face with energy are just a symptom of a much, much deeper problem.

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