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Two Simple Steps To A Wealthier Life


  • The one thing you must change in your life today if you want to build real and lasting wealth for you and your family
  • How you can start living richer and attain the admiration of your peers today without increasing your income
  • BONUS: What you can start doing today to become an invaluable employee and see your salary skyrocket this year

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Something just happened…

You might not have even realised it did. But from this point on, things are going to be very different for you.

You see, by finding your way to this page, you’ve uncovered an opportunity like no other.

It is an opportunity that will transform your life forever. You’ll be able to unlock skills you never thought you had and start building a level of wealth you never thought you would ever achieve. I’ve done it myself and now I’m going to show you how to do the same.

All you need to do is take two simple steps:

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Creating Wealth is free daily email from wealth building expert, Glenn Fisher, focused on helping people understand what it means to be wealthy and how anyone can become so.

Each day you’ll receive a short message from Glenn that should take no more than five minutes to read, but will both entertain and inspire you to achieve something new.

Delivered in a frank and genuine way, Glenn makes it his goal to always speak from experience and make the advice he shares both realistic and practical.

Full of interviews with wealth creating experts and self-made millionaires, practical tips on how to grow your wealth and insight into how to life a richer lifestyle for less, reading Creating Wealth will soon become your favourite five minutes of the day.

The fact of the matter is, the only person standing between you and a richer life… is you. Too many years of other people telling you what you should do and the paths you should take have likely led you down a dead end.

Creating Wealth is here to set the record straight and show you the truth… that you are in complete control of your own financial future and with a little help and the right guidance… you can achieve anything.

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Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher

Before Glenn started working in information publishing in 2007, he spent three years in heavy debt and living in a rundown flat in Grimsby. After quitting local government, where he worked for five years as a Financial Auditor, he was determined to find a different way to live – one that wouldn’t mean he was always working 9 to 5 and answering to a boss.

He soon realised the importance of having multiple streams of income. He began experimenting with a variety of extra income streams including selling second-hand books, self-publishing, eBay and copywriting. Slowly but surely, the various different streams of income started increasing until he found himself living the kind of life he’d never imagined.

He now works with the internationally successful publishing company Agora, as the publisher of one of their UK affiliates, and he also runs a popular website,, dedicated to teaching people about direct response copywriting. He is the author of the best selling e-book, Buy This Now and will soon publish, Secrets of the Sales Letter.

In 2015 he began Creating Wealth as a way to share his ideas and experience with people in the UK who want to achieve real wealth.

He has a degree in Professional Writing and is a fan of modern literature, particularly Paul Auster and Milan Kundera. In his spare time he plays bass guitar in a rock band called Elk. He is originally from Grimsby, and spends his time between his homes in London and New Waltham, on the East Coast of England.

I respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address to anyone else.

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