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Highly respected Wall Street lawyer and advisor to the CIA, James G Rickards, warns:

“The coming financial
collapse could destroy
the UK as an economic
power once and for all”

Despite what politicians and the mainstream press might tell you, according to the extensive research Jim Rickards has being doing into the financial markets… we’re heading for disaster

What’s worse, he reveals how a plan being concocted by the US and China could destroy the UK as an economic power and seriously damage your personal wealth…

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Dear Reader,

You won’t hear this talked about in the press… no politicians want to admit it… and central banks will do all they can to avoid saying it…

But, right now, the world is on the verge of a financial collapse that could be bigger than anything we’ve seen before.

It started in 2007 and according to Jim’s research… it’s only going to get worse.

I realise for many readers, this may be a startling idea. With so many talking of a successful recovery, to suggest we’re actually heading for a financial collapse is contrary to say the least.

That’s why we’ve put together a special research report – called Prepare and Protect – to share Jim’s ideas with you. And you can receive it today, at no cost at all. Just let us know the best email address to send it to:

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He’ll also share with you a number of different investment strategies you can adopt aimed at helping to protect and prosper through the difficult times ahead.

In this exclusive research report, you’ll discover:

  • THE DEPRESSION NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT: Jim explains why we’re actually in a depression that no one wants to admit to. Plus, he shows how the nature of the coming depression carries risks of both deflation and hyperinflation. He reveals exactly how it could affect you.
  • HOW THE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET COULD BECOME WORTHLESS: You might think the chance of the UK experiencing the kind of hyperinflation seen in Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe is impossible. But as Jim will evidence, it’s a very genuine possibility that could easily be triggered by a small change in central bank policy.
  • WHAT HAPPENS IF THE CENTRAL BANKS’ DEFLATION NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE: Jim explains the difference between good and bad inflation. The worrying thing is: we’re facing bad inflation for the first time in decades. And the consequences could be disastrous for the UK economy and for you.
  • IDEAS FOR HOW TO PREPARE AND PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST ANY OUTCOME: Jim will share the principles of his own unique strategy with you, which enables you to cleverly prepare for either deflation or inflation. Plus he’ll share some ‘ancient’ techniques that you can use to deal with modern problems.

As I say, it won’t cost you a penny to receive this insight – all you need to do is pop the email you’d like us to send it to below and we’ll send you a link to the report in our free email, The Daily Reckoning.

The truth is, the next collapse could come at any time, so it’s important you start preparing for it now. So, make sure you enter your email today:

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