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My Video From The Conference Floor

Sean Keyes


Posted 2nd February 2017

On Tuesday I took a stroll down to Angel in North London for the 2017 Growth and Innovation Forum.

What’s the Growth and Innovation forum? It’s basically a bunch of Aim companies making their pitch to private investors. The companies CEOs give presentations and man booths for the day. The investors take in the presentations and wander around the conference floor, learning a little about a lot of different companies.

There are a few extras too. Writers from Shares magazine gave a couple of interesting talks, and we heard some general “prognostications for 2017”.

I said I’d make a video while I was there, to give you a flavour of what you’re missing out on. At first I was going to interview one of the company CEOs in-depth… but I decided against it. It wouldn’t have been a good representation of what went on at the event.

What goes on is basically you wander around from booth to booth, chatting to company spokespeople and CEOs. You ask some basic questions about what the company does. And if those basic answers sound interesting enough, you grab their prospectus and their most recent shareholder presentation and make a note to do some proper research on them when you get home.

So in the spirit of wandering around the conference floor, here’s my video. It’s only five minutes long and I knocked it together on my iPhone, so apologies for the shoddy production values. But I think it’s good. It gives a flavour of what these events are like. Take a look for yourself.

Best wishes,
Sean Keyes,
Editor, Risk&Reward

P.S. Have you ever discovered a good investment at an investors’ show? Or do you think they’re a waste of time? Let me know your experiences.

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