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Britain Is On The Road To Disaster

David Stevenson


Posted 8th July 2016

Christopher Booker, writing in The Telegraph last weekend suggested that:

“…almost no one seems to have pointed out that, whatever happens to Brexit, Parliament has now set us firmly on course for a disaster beyond all imagining.”

Booker’s warning was in response to something called the ‘Fifth Carbon Budget’, which passed relatively unnoticed through the commons last week. It lays out the government’s plan to cut CO2 emissions using wind turbines and solar farms.

But as Booker goes on to point out:

“Not one of the MPs who accepted this could plausibly explain what is to happen to all those electric cookers, heating systems, cars, cashpoints etc, when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.”

That is the point exactly…

And it’s why you should make time to read this special briefing I’ve prepared for you.

You see this is something I’ve been researching for many months now and it’s a topic I have more recently been sharing with you in the DR.

The fact is our country is facing a crisis bigger than anything we’ve seen before…

According to my research, it could be worse than our Winter of Discontent in 1978… worse than the house price crash of 1992… worse even than the financial crisis of 2007/08.

It sounds shocking, I realise… but I am simply following my research to its logical conclusion and, once you’ve seen the evidence yourself, I think you’ll feel the same.

As you’ll see, the problems we face with energy are just a symptom of a much, much deeper problem…

Click here to see how this could affect you and what you can do about it.

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