Britain has a puppet parliament

Britain has a puppet parliament

Is this a puppet Parliament?

Or does it have within it the ability to take back control?

Is this puppet Parliament to remain a mere cipher for Brussels?

Or can it take back control to make our own laws and levy our taxes?

Was not this once great Parliament founded on the principle that there should be just laws

And redress of grievances before we grant taxation to government?

Was it not founded on the very principle that those who pay the taxes should have a vote and a voice over how they are imposed?

Was not this the principle that led to the foundation of the world’s greatest democracy, the United States of America,

Taking British ideas and adopting them in a neglected colony where we had foolishly ignored the public will?

Has this Parliament no collective memory?

Has it no understanding of the underpinnings of democracy?

Has it no shame?

Has it no sense of the struggles of those who went before us to establish our democratic rights?

Can they be so easily, needlessly and foolishly swept aside?

Are there no Hampdens and Miltons on the Labour front bench?

Is there no Cromwell who guiltless of our country’s blood

Can with words and votes cast off this monstrous EU intrusion on our democracy?

The Labour front bench are but marionettes, dancing to the tune of Brussels.

Many government Ministers are but players in a drama scripted and written by the EU.

This lackey Parliament tamely puts through law after law required by the EU.

The civil service instructs Ministers to implement every Court decision, regulation and directive.

Most UK governments decline to oppose things in Brussels we do not want, for fear of losing the vote.

Most UK governments seek to disguise how much power has gone.

They try to suppress debate and minimise fuss

So they use this Parliament to rubber stamp decisions made elsewhere.

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Today the government accepts an amendment to the Gracious speech to stand up for the UK’s NHS.

We were forced to move this because the EU does not share with us the details of the trade agreement negotiations.

Why can’t this Parliament debate the terms and mandate the government?

Because these matters are initiated by unelected Commissioners.

They escape proper supervision by 28 countries who disagree about what the Trade Treaty should say.

Today we debate the dreadful pressures on our public services.

The Conservatives in the last general Election promised to reduce the demand by controlling migrant numbers.

How can we do this inside the EU?

To pay for our public services we need more revenue from taxation.

Where in this Gracious Speech is the measure to stop the loss of corporation tax revenue?

In the last parliament the UK had to repay companies more than £7bn of tax levied thanks to European court cases we lost.

The government forecast yet another £7bn loss this Parliament from more defeats by the EU.

You might have though the modern Labour party would show some solidarity with its sister party Syriza in Greece.

It might lift a voice if not more against the relentless and destructive austerity policies forced on that poor country.

You might have expected a demonstration or two over the mass unemployment of young people in Spain, Portugal and southern Italy.

But no. Because they are promulgated in the name of the EU the Labour front bench judge it prudent to keep quiet.

To not rock the boat, to allow it go on.

I have at times in recent years think we happy band of brothers and sisters seeking to restore UK democracy

Are fighting the English civil war again without the muskets.

Just as they had to face down an unaccountable King.

Taxing in ways that were unpopular, and promulgating unacceptable laws.

So today we find ourselves having to fulminate against Brussels taxes.

And EU laws many in our country do not want.

Will the people now speak?

Will they bring an end to this puppet Parliament?

Will they reveal the sham show. The pretend Parliament

Which strut on the stage as if in charge

But has long since given far too much power away,

The power to tax, the power to decide welfare, the power to control our own borders, the power to handle our own criminal justice system.

This is no Parliament.

This is but a side show.

A pale imitation of the real thing.

A masque, a stooge, a lackey of the European sovereign.

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I respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address to anyone else.