Speech to trigger Article 50

Speech to trigger Article 50

• Speech to trigger Article 50
• How are the EU and Turkish border fences and walls going?
• German inflation outstrips UK

Speech to trigger Article 50

This is a written version of a speech I made in Parliament yesterday

UK voters decided to take back control

They decided our once mighty Parliament must be mighty again

After exhaustive debate of the dangers, they voted to leave

Told the EU would bully us on exit,

they voted to stand up to the bully.

Voters want this Parliament to decide our laws, control our borders, spend our money on our priorities –
and answer directly to the voters for how we do it

The people have proved they have more courage, more vision, more belief in freedom than their recent Parliaments

If the referendum vote had gone the other way I would not have sought election again

I have had enough of belonging to a puppet Parliament,

Of having to support endless European laws and decisions we are instructed to accept

Oo acting as the permanent rebel, out of sorts with the ruling follies of the age

Had we stayed, the only future I saw for these great buildings

Was as a mausoleum to our dead democracy

A museum to a once powerful Parliament,

A history lesson of how we used to be self governing

Instead, today, thanks to the people

This is now the once and future sovereign Parliament of the UK

When we have swept aside the power of the Commission and extinguished the sovereignty of the European Court

We will at last control our own destiny as a nation

The day we leave the EU will be a day for celebration

It will be the day everything changes and nothing changes

It will be the day we take back control

From that day onwards we can change any law, reverse any EU decision we opposed, spend any money we collect as we choose

It will be the day when all current EU laws are confirmed as UK law so there is no disruption or lack of clarity

I will vote for this Bill with more enthusiasm and more conviction than any other measure brought before us in recent years

It is time to do what the people demand

It is time to recreate their sovereign Parliament

The Parliament they can support or alter at their will.

How are the EU and Turkish border fences and walls going?

Last year I drew attention to the big work programme highlighted on the EU website to strengthen Turkey’s borders as part of its Visa Liberalisation programme with the EU. The officials wrote that they needed “ditch excavation, lighting, wire entanglement, trellis fence, road maintenance and construction and modular wall construction” along the extended Turkish border with Syria and Iraq. It would be good to have an update on how far they have got with their 900 km Syria/Turkey wall.

I raise it again because many in the EU are hostile to Mrs Trump’s proposal to extend the already substantial USA/Mexico wall. I wonder why they apply different standards to this wall than to the ones the EU is helping finance and design closer to home. I invite proponents of the EU to tell us why they think these two walls are different, and why they support the Turkish one which is part of the EU/Turkey Agreement.

The EU approved border controls including ones along EU borders can incorporate watch towers, constant camera surveillance and plenty of “guards” to deal with any problems at crossing points. The 10th action point in the 72 point “Visa Liberalisation Roadmap” is to ensure sufficient well trained guards and surveillance equipment at crossing points. The 33rd point in the 72 point “Visa Liberalisation roadmap” agreed with Turkey by the EU is to “ensure effective expulsion of illegally residing 3rd country nationals.”

If it is moral to oppose border walls and barriers in Mexico, surely it is similarly necessary to oppose them in Europe and Middle East?

German inflation outstrips UK

In confirmation that the rise in western inflation is mainly to do with rising commodity prices, especially oil, German CPI inflation today hit 1.9% compared to the UK’s 1.6%. It confirms that inflation in the UK is not special to UK and has not been caused by sterling weakness and Brexit.