The Trouble With Economists: An Interview With Steve Keen

The Trouble With Economists: An Interview With Steve Keen

Most eyes were focused on Parliament this week for the delivery of Philpot Hammond’s ‘My First Budget’ Budget.

It’s being reported that his mother, Theresa May, was very impressed and even let him have a Milky Way before teatime as a reward.

As you can probably tell, I’m less than bothered about the Budget.

And it’s with good reason…

You see, there was something much more interesting going on in a different part of the building.

Round the corner and down the hall from the Commons, professor Steve Keen was in Committee Room 14 giving a speech on why the 2008 crash happened and whether we could suffer another one.

In the company of a handful of Lords, financial industry professionals and the odd interested member of the public, Ben and myself watched a very intelligent man talk about what we should be doing to fix the economy.

Ironic then that hours later, in the hall that’s actually meant to fix the economy but doesn’t really bother, there was a lot of jeering, some par-for-the-course U-turns on NI, and a load of minor jibs and jabs to taxes NI.

And, typically, this morning there are plenty of commentators prattling on about the budget – but there are virtually none talking about Steve Keen’s ideas.

So, rather than adding another voice to the noise, today I want to share some insight of proper value with you…

You see, yesterday I shared an extract from a recent interview we had with Steve when we had him here in the Agora Financial UK office recently.

The feedback I’ve received about that extract alone has been excellent, but as I mentioned yesterday…

There’s a lot more where that came from.

In fact, we’ll hopefully be featuring more from Steve in future issues of the Daily Reckoning – so do keep an eye out.

But in the meantime, below you can listen to the whole interview here.

And it gets better…

We’ve also had the whole interview transcribed for you and put together as a special report.

So, if you prefer reading to listening, this will be ideal for you.

It’s completely free to download and as you’ll see it covers a huge range of topics.

All you need to do is hit the link below and you’ll be able to download the PDF to read at your leisure.

The Trouble With Economists: An Interview With Steve Keen