The very best ideas from the very best thinkers

The very best ideas from the very best thinkers

We’ve had quite a week in the DR.

With Ben working behind the scenes this week on a new project we’re putting together (to help you FINALLY get some decent income from your investing), I’ve been sharing a whole host of ideas from some of the new contributors we’ll be featuring in the coming weeks and months.

As ever with the DR, we’ve covered a vast spectrum of opinion…

Some you may agree with, some you may not.

That’s fine.

But I would hope that you always find the views we share interesting.

Indeed, early in the week we featured an introduction to Jonathan Davis, economist and wealth manager. Jonathan has some strong views and isn’t afraid to express them – it’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to welcome him on board.

You can read that interview here:

We’re in a depression: An Interview with Jonathan Davis.

Jonathan followed that up on Tuesday with his first article, in which he explains why government intervention, rather than helping to avoid depression, is often the cause.

He used the 1920s US depression – that you probably won’t have heard about – to evidence his thinking.

You can see if you agree:

The depression that never was: what if the government didn’t intervene.

On that same day, I didn’t mention it at the time, but I was over in Victoria with our resident currency expert, Tom Tragett, to film an interview with Tip TV.

Tom talked about why he believes pound sterling could still have a lot further to fall and how the triggering of Article 50 could set the move in motion.

You can watch the TV spot in full here:

Currency Expert Tom Tragett on Tip TV.

On Wednesday, I was very happy to be able to feature an extract of a special interview we recorded with highly respected economist and professor at Kingston University, Steve Keen.

As with Jonathan, we’ll hopefully be featuring a lot more from Steve in the coming weeks and months, but I thought the interview he recorded with Ben was excellent.

I pulled out a particularly interesting section on Steve’s views about Brexit and why he thinks the Euro was one of the EU’s biggest failings.

You can read that here:

Professor Steve Keen on the problem with Europe.

But I would also recommend that this weekend – if you haven’t already – you make time to either read or listen to the full interview.

Like I say, I thought it was excellent and Ben and Steve covered some really interesting topics. You can either listen to the audio or download the full transcript.

It’s all here:

The trouble with economists: an interview with Steve Keen.

And if all that wasn’t enough…

I’ve STILL not had a chance to tell you that the recording of An Evening with Sean Keyes is now online for you to watch.

This was a private event we held exclusively for readers of The Penny Share Letter – our monthly small company advisory newsletter.

Readers were invited to the library at Southwark Cathedral to hear Sean give a keynote speech and take part in a Q&A session about small company investment.

As I say, tickets on the night were only for Penny Share Letter readers, but we recorded the whole thing and you can watch Sean’s talk here:

An Evening With Sean Keyes:  How to really you’re your wealth in the stock market.


I told you it was quite a week.

And don’t get me wrong: there is a load of stuff there that all deserves your attention.

But that’s our aim…

To keep bringing you the very best ideas from the very best thinkers right now – people like Jonathan Davis… people like Steve Keen. And hell, the more of it we can deliver to you – the better in my view.

So, take your time over the weekend to work through what you haven’t already and if you get the chance – do drop me a line to tell me which pieces you particularly enjoyed.

You can reach me at As ever, I can’t promise to reply to every email, but I do see them all.

Ben’s back in the seat next week and we’ll start to tell you about the project we’ve been working on.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the biggest things we’ve ever done since we started with Agora Financial UK.

It’s something brand new that we’ve never done before, but we all feel very strongly that it is something that is long overdue.

I’m sorry – I realise I’m being a little too cloak and dagger. But all will be revealed over the next weeks and from all the work that we’ve been putting into this… I know you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy your weekend.