We’ve been waiting 118 years for this opportunity to rise again

We’ve been waiting 118 years for this opportunity to rise again

It’s 1896…

Huddled all around you are tired and hungry men, wrapped thick in wool and tweed, holding their hats against the hard wind.

Long into the distance are snow-capped mountains and just ahead the bright-cold sun glints of the fast flowing Yukon River, already freezing up for the winter.

You’re there among all these men because you have a dream…

And because you have nothing else left.

You sold your last possessions to buy a place on the ship that got you here, to Canada, and the little money you did have went to the creaking train that brought you deeper in land, here to the beginning of the icy river.

This, dear reader, is the Klondike gold rush.

And for the next four years, over 100,000 fellow prospectors will follow you deep into the mountains to find their fortune.

Hundreds… even thousands… will die.

Most won’t find a thing. They’ll fall by the wayside to drink or the women who seek their own fortune frequenting the boomtown bars that spring up along the trail.

But some do make it.

Some do find gold.

Imagine for a moment you’re one of them…

There you are, spade in the ground, lumping pay dirt into your pan…

You rush down to the riverside to wash away the rock and mud and squint to see what’s left…

And there it is…

You see ‘colours’…

But in reality it’s only one colour: shining yellow gold. The tiniest flakes dotted about the pan’s bottom.

You stand back from the river and with the little energy you have left – you’ve barely eaten for days – you drive a stake into the ground to tell all those that care:

This is your land.

Almost, that is.

It’s not yours until you’ve registered it at the claims building along the river in Dawson City. So off you go, your pan and paddle strapped to your back, set on making miles to the capital, to Dawson.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was

For weeks now, I’ve been working on a new project with our gold expert, Simon Popple. I’ll tell you more about it another time.

But aside from naturally following the research Simon shares with readers of the Gold Speculator newsletter we publish with him, I’m personally fascinated by stories of old gold pioneers giving up everything and trekking across the wilderness to claim their fortune.

So when Simon mentioned that there’s a new gold rush taking place in Canada and he’s advising his readers on how to take advantage of it… my ears pricked.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Klondike gold rush, or the gold rushes of Fraser River and Cariboo before it, but I’m sure you’ve at some point seen old, sepia images of men going through the same situations I described above.

Here’s something really weird, though. Or at least, I find this really weird…

The process for staking a gold claim is the same as it was back then in the late 1800s.

It’s not changed in 118 years!

If you can find a section of land that hasn’t been claimed, put a marker down and register it in Dawson City – it’s yours to mine.

How great is that?

You might wonder, just as my girlfriend did when I told her, surely all the gold has been claimed, there can’t be any more there?

It’s both a completely sensible objection and a crazy one.

It’s sensible because in this age of ever diminishing natural resources, we assume that we’ve already dug everything out the earth that’s worth digging for. At least, I do. Perhaps you’re the same.

But then it’s a crazy idea too because when you consider how vast the Yukon region really is, you realise how much of it is still untouched by humans and how much potential there still is in the land.

Indeed, this is what Simon’s been looking into recently and why I’ve been working on this project with him.

You see, there’s a new gold rush happening in a similar region of Canada as we speak. New gold deposits are being found all the time and one particular area is said to have the largest untapped gold deposits in the world.

I’ll say that again…

The largest untapped gold deposits in the world.

Exciting, right?

At least, you should be excited. Because this potentially means a serious amount of money could be made by those early movers who are clever enough to get in now.

If you’re intrigued by how you could claim a stake in this new gold rush yourself, keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days and weeks as I’ll be sharing a lot more about this opportunity…

In fact, I’ll be inviting a number of different experts to share their thoughts on what’s going on here and why it presents such a good opportunity for early movers (because right now we’re the only ones talking about it).

Don’t worry… you won’t need to brave the icy waters of the Yukon river, or go digging for pay dirt yourself…

We’ve figured out a way you can take advantage of this “from the comfort of your own couch” as Simon says.

But from the research I’ve seen on this and the opportunity on the table, it won’t be any less exciting.